Protege Elite By Dr. B.


What is Protégé Elite?

Protégé Elite is a no-downtime, no pain, in-office procedure for toning, tightening, and improving texture to sagging skin of the brows, lower face, jawline, neck, and body. Protégé Elite utilizes radiofrequency technology during the roughly 30-minute procedure to gently warm the skin, encouraging new collagen growth over time.

Protege Elite Exilis Berenholz

How does a Protégé Elite treatment Feel?

Treatment with Protégé Elite is easy and painless.  Treatment to a single area takes approximately 20 minutes.  During treatment the Protégé Elite tip is constantly gliding over the skin in continual arcs and circles.  The treatment feels like a warm roller ball floating over the skin’s surface.  No pain medication or numbing cream is necessary.


How many Protégé Elite treatments are recommended?

A series of treatments is recommended.  Protégé Elite is typically performed as 3-4 sessions spaced two to four weeks apart.